We design and develop

a process that is called lean and agile

Say hello

We prefer to start our relationship by meeting you in person. This first meeting is free. If you’re overseas we can have skype call. Coffee, an hour or two with you will give us a good understanding of each other and the project at hand. It also enables us to follow up with a quote or a recommendation on how to proceed. Let’s just enjoy our chitchat before the storm.

Find the problem

We need to understand the problem before we can begin to think about productions. We make sure that we are the right perspective to deliver a solution. Initial research, maybe some fieldwork and perhaps a workshop with you are the best way to get the perspective we need. Taking the time to get it right at this stage will save countless hours and money later in project.

Collaboration is key. We’d prefer to work with you rather than for you. We think that in order to create something amazing we need to have transparency and a common vision.

Let’s do some experiment

Once the project goals are clear and both our teams are onboard, we begin to execute the plans we’ve agreed on – bringing craftsmanship to the table, shaping your brand’s new reality. We always insist that the results be launched in as small increments as possible, in order to collect real user feedback at an early stage.

Oh I love result!

Is it working? This is a daunting question and agencies often avoid asking it, because they are afraid of the answer. We’re not. Success comes only after continual evaluation of what works and what doesn’t. Let’s have the guts to be honest with ourselves and be willing to quickly change tactics if that’s what it takes to achieve results.

Try and try until we succeed

The best decisions are made based on insight. That’s why a good design process must loop back and forth between strategic evaluation and production. It’s called an agile process – as opposed to a more linear waterfall approach.